French Novelty Clock by E. Farcot,
"Maiden on a Swing," in an Alabaster Case (ca. 1880)

Eugene Farcot was a creative 19th century French clockmaker known for conical and swinging figure clocks.  His patent, trademark, and production dates are ca. 1862-1890.  Sequential serial numbers were used on his commercially produced clock movements from zero to the 65,000 range.  

This example is a swinging figure clock, serial number 52,052.  It displays a variation of Farcot's eagle and arrows trademark along with patent information on the back plate.

The spring-driven movement has distinctive dual escape wheels that impulse the pendulum, giving it an anterior to posterior animation rather than the traditional lateral motion.  The movement runs for eight days on a winding, striking the hour and half-hour on a nickel alloy bell.

The clock comes with a pair of candelabras with matching blue accents.

(Item #EC-9)

(16" H x 14" W x 4-1/2" D)
(ca. 1880)


ec9_movement bell on with pendulum.jpg (2460476 bytes)

movement bell with pendulum

patent infomation, trademark variation

ec9_Patent information, serial number 52052, “FOT” mark for Farcot, eagle double arrow trademark.jpg (1561611 bytes)

ec9_Candelabras.jpg (644528 bytes)

the two candelabras
(11" H x 8" W x 3-1/2" D)

This elegant clock will make a fine addition to your home decor!