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Featuring:  Seth Thomas Clocks

       In offering many antique clocks by this renowned maker, we provide a brief history of the company founded by its namesake.  A native of Connecticut, Seth Thomas founded his own clock manufacturing company in 1814.  He was highly successful, operating a factory in Plymouth Hollow, until 1853, when he organized the business into the Seth Thomas Clock Company, a joint stock corporation.

       In 1865, six years after his death, the town of Plymouth Hollow came to be known as Thomaston in his honor.  The Seth Thomas Clock Company continued in Thomaston and was family-operated until 1931.

       Over the years, the company produced many excellent quality clocks in various case styles popular during the time period including floor, wall, and mantel clocks.  The clock making company survived under different owners and in different locations until finally going out of business in 2009 under the Colibri Group.

       The name "Seth Thomas" still survives and can be seen on contemporary websites.  However, it appears that the brand is not associated with an actual clock manufacturing company.

       Early Seth Thomas clocks can be generally dated by the address on the label.  Later, during the 1880s until the early 20th century, many clocks had a stenciled date code on the back of the case that incorporated the year with the numerals reversed, followed by a letter representing the month.

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(Item #WD-1)

(Item #WD-2)

(Item #WD-3)

A Rare Lewis No. 3 Regulator Perpetual Calendar Clock
(ca. 1867 - 1868)


wd2_overall-new.jpg (1579441 bytes)

Seth Thomas
Model No. 6 

(ca. 1900)

Clock Co. "Pendulum No. 1" Weight Clock
(ca. 1902)

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Other American Clocks

(Item #AC-1)

(Item #AC-2)

(Item #AC-3)

Seth Thomas
"Signet" Model
Office Wall Clock

(ca. 1890)

Signet_2.jpg (251456 bytes)

ac-2_overall.jpg (1498053 bytes)

Seth Thomas Clock Company Office
No. 2 Wall Clock


Ansonia Clock Company "Royal Bonn" Porcelain-Cased Mantel Clock
(ca. 1900)

ac-3_overall.jpeg (2263149 bytes)


(Item #WD-4)

(Item #AC-5)

(Item #AC-6)

Seth Thomas No. 2 Regulator Clock 
(ca. 1900)

PRR marked ST No. 2 in Oak2.jpg (1251799 bytes)


Transition Model Ithaca
Hanging Library
Calendar Clock
(ca. 1880)

Seth Thomas "Newark" Parlor Clock
(ca. 1900)

(Item #AC-7)
(Item #AC-8)
(Item #AC-9)

Seth Thomas "Arch Top" Mantel Clock
(ca. 1880)

ac-7_overall.jpeg (1893443 bytes)

ac-8_overall.jpeg (876869 bytes)

Ansonia Clock Company Rococo-Style, Iron-Cased Mantel Clock
(ca. 1880)

New Haven Clock Company Miniature "Ogee" Clock with Alarm
(ca. 1860-1870)

ac-9_overall.jpg (721815 bytes)

Just click on the thumbnails to see a larger image plus a description.
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