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Observations on the Evolution of Clocks

         Living things have a diurnal biological clock using the 24-hour period or daily cycle as an oscillator.  Before the invention of clocks, day-to-day life was regulated by the length of the solar day, or "sun time."  With the advent of mechanical clocks, the idea of mean time came to govern how time was measured and was also referred to as "clock time."

          Some scholars have argued that this division of time allowed for truly productive labor and was the foundation of the Industrial Revolution (Landes, 1983, Revolution in Time).  The development of the pendulum and improved escapements led to greater reliability and timekeeping accuracy to the point where adding minute and seconds hands became important for dividing time.

          During the first half of the 19th century, mass production of clocks began. Nearly every household could afford to obtain its own timekeeper.  Today, we do not fully appreciate the significance of the earlier timepieces as we are surrounded by clock time.

          We offer an amazing variety of antique clocks that still provide reliable service. They are eco-friendly, only demanding the discipline of winding their source of energy, either a coiled spring or a weight. The beat of the escapement reminds us of the passage of time.

These are true time machines!

On our "Clocks for Sale" pages, we show some examples
of the types of antique clocks that we offer.

We feature both American and European clocks in a wide variety of styles -- including wall-hung, mantel, and carriage pieces.

All clocks recently and completely serviced, and in excellent running order.

Please inquire if you do not see a specific type of clock that you are searching for.

We also repair and restore all types of antique clocks including wall, floor, and mantel models.

We are members of the American Watchmakers-
Clockmakers Institute as well as the National
Association of Watch and Clock Collectors.

These recognized professional organizations are committed to ensuring complete fairness and total honesty in every transaction with the public.


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